Your Investing force multiplier

Your Investing force multiplier

Your Investing force multiplier

Group Investing in Real Estate

You worked hard to elevate your resources beyond what was accessible to your parents. Now your focus is on achieving long term financial independence and creating opportunities for your children.

Our trusted group approach is your investing force multiplier. By participating in our group, you have access to desirable real assets that increase in value over time and create generational wealth.

The formula to our success

Group Investments

We pool our resources as a group of aligned investors and invest in large real estate projects typically inaccessible to individuals. Being part of a group allows us to compete with institutional investors.


Real Estate

Real estate provides a hedge against recessions and the stress-inducing swings of the stock market. Land and buildings are hard assets that cannot disappear overnight and remain in constant demand.


Generational Wealth

By looking beyond traditional Wall Street investments and combining our strengths as a group, we access stability, cash flow, appreciation, and significant tax benefits. These accumulate into a legacy for our families and the next generation.

The real life results

Controlled, Systematic Growth

Case Study

By investing and reinvesting in your capital in tangible commercial assets as part of a group, you gain stability and benefits unavailable in other investment vehicles and inaccessible to the individual investor.

Investing as a group where you retain your freedom while earning these benefits is the force multiplier that creates freedom and wealth for generations to come.


Only invest with people you know, like, and trust. In these videos, you’ll find answers to your questions so you can confidently participate in our force multiplier strategy.


Royal Sienna

Missouri City, TX
330 Units


Dallas, TX
244 Units

The Montgomery

Arlington, TX
208 Units

Iqbal (Ike) Mutabanna
Chief Executive Officer

I know you don’t have time to source or manage investment properties, which is why my experienced team and I take care of that for you.

We’re committed to providing the resources and mentorship you need to create generational wealth.

Our force multiplier – the power of our combined skills, capital, and experience – is here for you. Don’t feel you’re on your own in the journey. Join our group and participate in large and highly profitable real estate projects.

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